• LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd. was
    founded in 1988. For a quarter-century,
    we have built an enviable reputation.

  • We provide fire protection & life safety building code
    and fire code consulting services to architects,
    engineers, and developers in Canada and abroad.

  • We are in the business of assisting you in obtaining
    the permits and approvals you need to design
    and build the project you want.

  • While we can provide code consulting services
    at any stage from initial concept to completion,
    involving us at the outset can save both time & money.

  • Working with your Design Team, LMDG can
    develop innovative approaches that meet
    the code requirements while maintaining the
    functional and aesthetic integrity of your project.

Project Consulting Services : 

Building Construction & Renovations, Fire Investigations, Insurance Litigation, Additional Services